Communication Workshops


Our high-impact workshops are designed to invigorate and inspire young people to develop their personal, social and employability skills. These lively and highly experiential sessions are designed to cover a range of development areas including communication, teamwork and leadership.

Interviewing with Impact addresses a range of skills and is a particularly popular workshop. This two hour session, for up to 40 pupils, helps students reflect on how they can maximise their personal impact in interviews.

The session examines every aspect of interviews including:
• First impressions
• Communication techniques
• Voice and body language
• Tips for planning for interviews
• Making the strong choices

Platform7teen’s Interviewing with Impact workshop is extremely interactive and encourages pupils to work as a team to support each other’s development through a mix of vocal and physical exercises, debates and via, Forum Theatre, which is designed to engage the pupil’s problem solving skills and encourage reflective thinking. During the session, every student will have an opportunity to practice and hone their interview skills in a structured and supportive environment.

Platform7teen’s experiential workshop style gives students the confidence to analyse each opportunity that comes their way and make clear choices with regard to how they conduct and present themselves. This gives them the opportunity to maximise their impact at job and further education interviews and helps to hone the soft skills needed to improve life outcomes.