The team at Platform7teen is passionate about developing the social, communication and thinking skills of young people – essential attributes for those wanting to make the most of their future careers and personal circumstances.

Our communication specialists have many years’ experience of running highly successful and interactive workshops across a variety of subject matters with children and early-stage adults. Designed to ease the transition between school, college and the world of work, the programs are designed to be highly experiential and develop the personal tools needed to succeed a competitive world over where qualifications are only one of many factors that influence success.

Platform7teen’s programmes are designed and delivered by coaches with experience of both the corporate and public sector who are committed to working with schools, further education establishments as well as those looking for work and needing additional support. Sessions typically run for one to two hours and can be group-based or one-to-one, depending on requirements of the audience.

To fit with current published Ofsted guidelines, our workshops cover:

– Effective communication
– Interview techniques
– Personal presentation skills
– Creating maximum impact in a new situation
– Vocal and body language/self-awareness
– Self-analysis
– Leadership
– Dealing with difficult situations
– Team awareness

All of the above factors are covered within our modular sessions that can be either one-to-one or group based.