Surrey, April 29 2016 at 10.30am — St Andrew’s school in Ashtead will host a finale event on Friday 29th April that will see five Surrey schools that have participated in a series of communication and interview technique workshops come together in one location.

The 10-15 students from each school – St Andrew’s, Rosebery, Therfield, Glyn and The Priory – will take part in group communication and networking sessions and hear from students who have previously benefitted from the training. Attendees will get to hear from a young entrepreneur and local MP and cabinet member, Chris Grayling, who will also talk on the importance of communication skills in work and social situations.

The workshops have been funded by The Surrey Educational Trust, a joint initiative between Surrey County Council and education services provider Babcock 4S, part of Babcock International Group (Babcock) and carried out by specialist communication company, Platform7teen (

The workshops aim to enhance the resilience and life chances of young people by improving their communication and interview skills and are a mixture of experiential group or one-to-one sessions, depending on the needs of the students.

“We are delighted that the Surrey Educational Trust has provided the funding that has helped almost 500 Surrey students to communicate more effectively, both in more formal situations such as interviews and in wider social environments,” said Platform7teen director, Susanna Klemm.

Maria Dawes, Head of School Effectiveness for Babcock, said: “This is an example of true team work, building partnerships and supporting schools and their pupils in something that is really important. Good communication skills are needed through all walks of life and if we can encourage the development of this at a young age, these pupils will have a head start and that’s great.”

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About the Surrey Educational Trust

The Surrey Educational Trust is funded by proceeds from a joint venture between Surrey County Council and Babcock4S. Funding is available for innovative and ambitious ideas that will help children, young people and other learners in Surrey. The funding can help schools, organisations and educational projects to use bright ideas and new ways of doing things in their work.

The trust is interested in funding projects that:

  • Increase children’s and young people’s resilience, wellbeing and personal growth
  • Extend opportunity to all
  • Promote leadership skills and contribution to the community
  • Promote participation in and enjoyment of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Raise children’s and young people’s aspirations

About Platform7teen

Platform7teen delivers high-impact workshops designed to invigorate and inspire young people to develop their personal, social and employability skills. Our lively and highly experiential sessions cover a range of development areas including communication, teamwork and leadership.

Platform7teen’s workshops are extremely interactive and encourage pupils to work as a team to support each other’s development through a mix of vocal and physical exercises and debates. Pupil’s problem solving skills are engaged and their reflective thinking encourage. During the session, every student has the opportunity to practice and hone their interview skills in a structured and supportive environment.

Platform7teen’s experiential workshop style gives students the confidence to analyse each opportunity that comes their way and make clear choices with regard to how they conduct and present themselves. This maximises their impact at job and further education interviews and helps to hone the soft skills needed to improve life outcomes.

About Babcock 4S

Babcock 4S is part of Babcock’s national education partnership where we  work with schools, academies and local authorities to deliver improved outcomes and reduced costs to education establishments.

Our South East joint venture with Surrey County Council, Babcock 4S, has delivered multi million pound savings improved education outcomes, created hundreds of jobs and contributed funding and support for community projects linked to education through the Surrey Educational Trust.