Student Prompt Cards – one of our little P17 self-help tools!

Here at Platform7teen, we like to do everything we can to help students and young people improve their communication and interview technique skills. One was we do this is to ask students to complete a prompt card at the end of every session. This is (hopefully!) something they will keep with them to ensure they remember three key things they have personally got out of the workshops.

During our current work with Glyn School, St Andrews School, The Priory, Therfield School and Rosebury, we have asked the students to complete the forms and have three great examples below of what’s been written:

Platform7teen Prompt Card 3

Platform7teen Prompt Card 2

Platform7teen Prompt Card 4

In case the writing is unclear, the posts say:

Post A: 1 – My voice impacts impressions of me. 2 – Articulation will make my words even clearer. 3 – Remember to exhale before answering

Post B: 1 – Positive. 2 – Positive attitude. 3 – Concentrate.

Post C: 1 – Positive. 2 – Preparing for Questions. 3 – How to answer questions you are unsure about

We’re delighted with the help we are able to give young people at Platform7teen. The cards may be physically small but we hope they give a little helping hand to students as they enter the next stage in their lives.

We’ll update you with further news soon!