One-To-One Training


One-to-one training sessions with an experienced coach from Platform7teen aim to improve an individual’s communication skills and maximize the impact they have in any number of different situations. This may include job or university interviews and presentations in school or the work place but we are able to tailor our sessions to meet the individual needs of our clients.

More specifically, our sessions will aim to cover some or all of the following:

  • Communication skills – utilizing voice, breathing and body language to make a strong, lasting impression
  • Taking responsibility – providing tips and techniques to enable individual’s to prepare thoroughly for interviews
  • Experiential learning – staging practice interviews or presentation situations that will help improve the individual’s ability to respond well under pressure

The individual can be filmed during the sessions and given the opportunity to watch the interview back and receive coaching and structured feedback – a highly effective method for ‘mock’ interviews, presentations and a range of other situations.

The tutor will then create a structured action plan for the pupil tailored to their individual needs – detailing improvements to body language, vocal (including articulation) plus appropriate tips and techniques. The session concludes with a repeat of the interview or presentation (again filmed) giving the pupil an opportunity to put all the learning into practice and view the improvement made.

At the end of the session the pupil will be given a copy of their ‘before’ and ‘after’ performances on a memory stick for them to take away and reflect on the outcomes of the session.